The Advantages of Dental Implants

It is one of the most popular dental procedures already – Dental Implants are a standard treatment, in order to replace missing teeth. Considering the fact that the growth of the market has slowed down due to the global recession, there are a superior replacement for missing teeth than dentists. There are three different components for a fully restored dental implant:

Firstly, the implant is basically a small screw similar to a root, which is drilled into the jawbone. There are loads of different types of implants, which are suitable for any dental case or bone characteristics.

Secondly, an abutment is inserted into the implant, which is used as a connection between the implant and the crown. Finally, the crown is then fitted perfectly on top of the abutment. There will be a waiting period between the placing of the implant to the abutment and then to fitting the crown. The crowns are usually made out of zirconium or porcelain.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Bone preservation: Missing teeth can negatively affect the jaw-bone, which starts to disintegrate as the tooth acted as a root. This results in a sunken appearance around a person’s face.
  • Stability: Whilst the implant fuses with the bone, the implant will be solid and stable in your gums. This way your eating and biting ability will be improved.
  • Maintenance: Implants are very easy to maintain and to handle, as they are maintained in the same manner as normal teeth.
  • Permanent solution: After implants are fitted correctly, they are meant to be a permanent solution. Therefore, the implants don’t need to be taken out on a regular basis. Nevertheless, maintaining your implants properly, will definitely help them last you for a lifetime.
  • Integration: As the titanium integrates positively with bone, the implant actually acts as a root. Hence, the implant is fixed in your mouth like an actual tooth.

Success Rate

The overall success rate according to research for dental implants is 95%. Our team will be able to help you and consider if your bone characteristics are good, in order to provide a successful surgery. The surgery itself is split up in two stages, where first the implant is fitted and then the crown is fitted after 3-9 months right after the healing period.

Dental Treatment at Kentish Town Dental Practice

We offer you a round up consultation prior to a dental implants surgery. You can just give us a call or book an appointment easily online!

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