Team Kentish Town Dental Centre

mano soltan

Dr Mano Soltan

GDC No. 74605


Educated at one of the world’s leading medical universities, The Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Mano qualified as a dental surgeon in 1998. During these formative years, a deep understanding for the principles of patient care and provision were cultivated, as well as the clinical skills required for a compassionate, committed and visionary working ethic to thrive.

In his previous career, Mano had been a molecular biologist. Observing organisms at cellular level fostered an appreciation of structure, form, balance and symmetry in nature. This exacting ‘eye for detail’ proved essential in his clinical training as a dentist and throughout his general practice ever since.

Mano is the Principal Dentist at Covent Garden Dental Clinic, and proprietor of a small consortium of dental practices within London and East Sussex, providing dental treatment to thousands of patients. He has built a reputation as a kind, honest and empathic practitioner, who undertakes his work with precision skill and fine craftsmanship. He is committed to working with patients in achieving their dental goals and a ‘perfect smile’, no matter how challenging their aspirations might be.

Mano is passionate about advances in dental technology and uses the latest equipment and pioneering machinery in his practice. To facilitate this, he has undertaken advanced training in several specialisations, including restorative and cosmetic dentistry and implantology. He completed his postgraduate training in Implantology in 2008 and has gone on to fit over 1000 implants since then.

Outside of his clinical practice, Mano worked as a Foundation Dentist Trainer for the London Deanery, for five years. During this time, he trained and mentored newly qualified dentists through their first year of clinical practice, supporting them in the development of their professional skill and competency. He was also a committee board member for the Swedish Dental Society in England, for fifteen years.

In his spare time, Mano has a deep passion for aviation and action sports. He is a qualified pilot and motorcycle enthusiast.

Dr Jenny Kilgour

GDC No. 114076


Jenny graduated from the university of Leeds in 2007. Since then she has worked in NHS/private practices in Sunderland and London.

She has worked at Kentish Town Dental Centre since April 2010. She keeps on top of current techniques and skills through Continuing Professional development and is committed to providing high quality dental treatment in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Dr Daniel Petersen

GDC No. 82276


Daniel graduated from the University of London in June 2003. Since then he has worked in NHS/Private practices in Essex and London.

He has worked at Kentish Town Dental Centre since August 2011. He remains up to date with the latest developments in dentistry, passing the benefits onto his patients. He knows how nervous patients can be and is caring and committed to providing high quality treatment in a relaxed, friendly and gentle manner.

Dr Mustafa Zahran

GDC No. 171297
IMOS Dental Surgeon

Miss Gabriela Konopacka

GDC No. 269404

Dental Hygienist