History of dental implants

Dental implants are considered one of the most advanced solutions in dental health. Filling missing teeth has a 97% long term success rate with dentists and therefore are the only reliable solution.

Dental implants help the patient to chew properly again, restore the smile and confidence, and support the surrounding teeth. Throughout the history of civilization people with a full bright smile and having the ability to chew food properly, have driven others to replace their missing teeth.

4000 years ago in ancient china, carved bamboo pegs were used to replace missing teeth in the chinese dynasty. However, in the 18th century researchers began to experiment with gold and alloys. Due to poor results a doctor was able to mount a porcelain crown on a platinum disc in 1886. However, for a successful dental implant, dentists need the replacement tooth in order to fuse it to the bone – this was called osseointergration.

Nowadays, modern dental implants are made out of titanium as it gives a much higher success rate of osseointergration. In 1965 an ortheopaedic surgeon, Barnemark, placed the very first titanium dental implant into a live human volunteer after having experimented months and months on animals.

From this point onwards the dental health history started to progress in a maniac fashion. Over the years dentists and researchers tried to perfect the art of dental implants. Modern dental implants include a high-grade titanium alloy screw, which improves immensely osseointergration. This screw is easily fixed to the patient’s jaw, which then takes time to heal where the tooth used to be. Once the screw has fused into the jaw, a post with a crown is inserted on the top. This has one of the highest success rates and provides great oral hygiene, due to correct dental care.

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